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Belt Scale with two Weigh Stations

Belt Scale with two Weigh Stations

Belt scale for installation in conveyor belts or weigh belt feeders, using two weigh stations for two idler stations (for legal-for-trade applications).


Advantages of WÖHWA Belt Scales

  • legal-for-trade and standard belt scales
  • for belt widths ranging from 400 to 2 000 mm
  • multi belt weighers for simultaneous recording of flow rates at different locations of a processing plant
  • software for recording flow rates
  • belt scales for mobile installations, e.g. mobile crusher or mobile screening plants
  • dosing belt scales
  • optional PROFIBUS connection
  • individual programme adaptations
  • including measuring wheel to determine belt speed

The certified legal-for-trade WÖHWA belt scale can be used for belt conveyors with belt widths from 400 - 2000 mm and with a variety of belt loads and materials.

Each WÖHWA belt scale gets a primary adjustment at the factory and is supplied with a robust digital tachometer (measuring wheel) for measuring the belt speed. Sensor and bearing are hermetically sealed.

The belt scale can easily be tested and calibrated at any time using the WÖHWA supplied test weight.

standard functions

  • belt zero
  • erase measured value
  • date / time
  • printed log for consecutive item number, date, time and displayed value
  • 1 adjustable set point
  • correction factor for calibration
  • battery-backed totalizer memory

belt weigher installed on mobile crusher unitThe belt scale can be used in stationary and mobile plants and, of course, in belt feeders for controlling feed loads. For controlling and processing production data, weight values from up to 12 Multi-SFBs can be polled and evaluated. When integrated into a WÖHWA control system, the belt scale offers a multitude of possibilities for data processing and evaluation.